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Jetski / Jetboat Package for 2
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Jetski - After learning everything you need with your Jetski jump on and you're let loose on the only Circuit on the Gold Coast. No following guides, ride your own ski how you want to!! 1 ski between 2 people and swap drivers whenever you like. Feel what the latest model Yamaha skis on the GC feel likeJetboat - Jump aboard one of the longest rides and on the most powerful Jetboats on the Gold Coast. Sit back but don't relax as we zig, zag and 360* spin you all the way up the broadwater. Enjoy a couple of quick rests as we throw some fun facts your way during your ride! Keep you eye out on both experiences as there's a good chance of some dolphin spotting! Please arrive 30mins prior to your activity

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Stand: 22.10.2020
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